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Scientific discoveries are rarely made by single scientists in isolation. MDA helps bring together scientists and clinicians from around the world to research conferences to present their results, form new collaborations and learn the latest developments in the field. This allows research to accelerate toward treatments and cures.

2019 Clinical & Scientific Conference

Next year will be an exciting year for MDA! We will converge our long-standing Clinical and Scientific conferences into our inaugural combined annual meeting, which will leverage MDA’s extensive reach into the scientific, clinical research and clinical practice communities to bring together the world’s leading experts in neuromuscular disease. As the most comprehensive neuromuscular disease meeting in the US, it represents the full spectrum of scientific researchers, medical professionals and decision makers.

Save the Date: April 13-17, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando

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2018 Clinical Conference

In March, MDA proudly brought together more than 500 medical and scientific neuromuscular experts at our 2018 Clinical Conference. The conference focused on providing opportunities for physicians and allied health professionals to learn about new approaches and techniques for clinical management, hear about the latest information regarding clinical trials results and engage in dialogue and networking among peers.

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Support for Other Conferences

MDA supports conferences, meetings and workshops hosted by other groups that facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas and crucial information relevant to diseases under the MDA umbrella. For more information on conference grants and how to apply, please visit our Funding Opportunities page and click on Conference Grants.